Microlink Technologies Ltd.

Free Client Hotspot Minutes

Microlink offers free Hotspot minutes to our fixed-price clients, as follows:

Monthly Charge

Number of Free Minutes each Month

Kr 250-449


Kr 450-874


Kr 875-1,499


Kr 1,500-1,999


Kr 2,000 and higher



If you use up your minutes, it is easy to top up using the Microlink Online Store, Airtel Money or Kazang. Of course, you are also welcome to visit us at any of our sales point locations, like Central Park or Arcades.

To use your minutes, log in to any Izone hotspot with the same credentials you use to view your account details. If you are uncertain what your credentials are, you can get them here. If this fails, please contact us on 222702 or customercare@microlink.zm with your microlink Client ID.
To see how many minutes you have used so far this month, you can check your balance here

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