Microlink Technologies Ltd.

GM (Enterprise) Packages

SubscriptionPrice (ZMW)Contention RatioBandwidth Allocation Peak/OffpeakMinimum Guaranteed Bandwidth
GM SOHO306710:110 Mbps /5 Mbps1024kbps / 512 kbps
GM SME54527:114 Mbps /7 Mbps2064kbps / 1025 kbps
GM Enterprise115865:125 Mbps /13 Mbps5120kbps / 2560 kbps
GM Corporate204454:140 Mbps /20 Mbps10240kbps / 5120 kbps

# Mimimum guaranteed is lowest speed client will get subject to last mile link
# Actual speeds subject to quality of last mile link
# Prices inclusive of excise duty and tax