WIZ Loyalty Program

Make the most of every internet subscription with WIZ

WIZ believes that any client who subscribes to our internet should be recognised as we know you have a choice in Zambia. To show our appreciation we have a loyalty program where you can unlock benefits by receiving XP (eXPerience) points for every kwacha you spend with us. Every time you make a subscription you will earn XP and points which allows you to reach higher tier levels and redeem these points for internet packages and other offers.

Membership Tiers

Each subscription allows you to earn XP and points which in turn allow you to move up the tier levels from Blue to Silver and Gold. The higher the level of XP you earn the more complimentary "turbo" GBs you are given as standard with any subscription package you select:

 Points  Tier  Bonus_Turbo 

Membership tiers are calculated based on your annual usage. On becoming a client of WIZ you become a Blue member. You have until the anniversary of your activation to earn enough points (where both XP and points basically equal Kwacha) to achieve Silver status. If you achieve this before your period expires you will become a Silver member and your new status is valid for a year from that date. As a Silver member you get 15% extra turbo when you subscribe for any packages for the same price. You have the new year to achieve enough points to maintain your Silver status or even achieve Gold Status where you will have a 40% complimentary turbo boost. At the end of each client's membership year, the points will be reset to zero.

Lifetime Points

Also, independently of your tier level, every time you get points they will go into lifetime points. These only expire if you have not used the service at all for 1 year. These can be redeemed for credit, or other offers that WIZ will make such as meals, shopping vouchers, and hotel stays.